Sakuwa Hayashida,

Bookkeeper, Sakuwa Hayashida is no stranger to business. Prior to joining McCoy Foat, Sakuwa worked for over five years managing accounting; accounts payable and receivable; bank and credit card reconciliation; and online sales transactions for multiple Portland based manufacturing companies. She also administered employee payroll, bank deposits and resolved many other financial issues from the subtle to the complex.

In Sakuwa’s words, “As someone raised in Japan, attention to detail is part of my DNA. Numbers are like puzzle pieces – I’m driven to find all the missing details. If something doesn’t add up, I’ll dream about it at night until I figure it out.”

Now, Sakuwa is experiencing another great side of the accounting business, by joining the team-oriented accounting firm, McCoy Foat, to deepen and apply her knowledge across the many different industries they serve.

While attention to detail is the key, Sakuwa enjoys gathering and holding all the details in balance to provide a clear big picture of her clients’ business workflows. She loves to discover how companies run on a day-to-day basis and enjoys seeing the personality of the business owners reflected in each company’s unique inner workings.

A true child of the world, Sakuwa was born in Berkeley, Calif. before moving to Japan with her parents when she was just eight months old. As a young woman, she returned to America to explore her birthplace and fell in love with the culture. In 2004, she settled in Portland where she went on to earn an Accounting and Finance certificate from the Bookkeeping Career Institute. The rest is history.

Today, Sakuwa feels blessed to have found her work family at McCoy Foat. “The support here is unbelievable,” she explains. “Everyone is team oriented, professional, open and right there for you to help deepen your knowledge.”

Sakuwa lives in southeast Portland with her fiancé, teenage son, two cats and three chickens. When she’s not at work, she loves cooking, practicing yoga, trapeze and exploring the beautiful northwest with canoe and surfboards in tow.

Sakuwa’s Favorites:

Weekend getaway: Winter – Mt Hood for snowboarding, competing with her son to see who can jump the highest and nail the best tricks. Summer – camping at the Oregon coast – surfing and enjoying a cozy campfire.
Can’t live without: Hot Springs and dark chocolate
Book: Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami