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Tax Preparation Made Easy for Families 

Attempting to do your taxes on your own can cost you money. Forget one possible deduction or write-off, and you’ll pay the price. But with our tax preparation services, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get the largest refund possible.

Unless your financial affairs are extremely simple, it’s likely that you’ll benefit from the help of a tax professional. It’s too easy to overlook deductions and credits, of which you’re entitled, if you prepare only one return a year. Even the use of computer software is no substitute for the assistance of a seasoned tax preparer. McCoy Foat prepares hundreds of tax returns annually. We know what to look for and how to identify money-saving opportunities. More importantly, you’ll have a seasoned tax professional who will answer your questions and provide practical financial tax advice throughout the year.

Tax deadlines don’t have to be a source of stress. Simply send us your information. Then we’ll prepare your taxes and e-file for you. You’ll never dread another Tax Day again.

You have too much on your mind to deal with lengthy tax codes. That’s why you need the expertise of our CPAs.


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