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Succession Planning

A succession plan allows your business to continue if you leave the business for any reason: your retirement, disability, death, or just your decision to move on. Failure to plan for an orderly transition can result in financial losses or even the loss of your business. McCoy Foat will design a comprehensive succession plan to protect you, your family, your employees, your co-owners, and your customers.


Corporate Turnaround Planning

If your business is in “the red” and you’d like it to be in “the black,” our turnaround strategies can take you there. We’ll review your accounting and operational processes to identify the key elements that are undermining your profits. We’ll then help you establish and implement profit-generating strategies.


Management Analysis

Is your team as efficient as it could be? Do you need to do more with less? Where there’s a will (and a little help from McCoy Foat), there’s always a way. Our production efficiency experts will review job titles, workflows and capacities to identify streamlining opportunities.


Forensic Analysis

McCoy Foat has earned a stellar reputation as the go-to source for forensic analysis and expert witness testimony. If you have a legal case that involves financial damages, McCoy Foat can help you reconstruct the circumstances to determine if the damages are valid and real, and their accurate value. We can also help uncover hidden assets in divorce and bankruptcy cases. Our sharp eyes, meticulous accounting practices and articulate opinions are often the added evidence needed to elicit prompt, reasonable settlements or favorable judgments. Ask us about our remarkable track record!

Commercial Financing and Lending Negotiation

Do you need capital to grow? Do you know the ins and outs of lending as they pertain to your industry? We can help you navigate your next move with sound advice about your capital structure and equity to debt ratio. We can also walk you through the steps to secure the most advantageous loans for your industry and circumstances.


Business Valuation

Do you know what your business is worth? If you’re like many business owners, the answer is most likely “no.” There are many instances when it’s important to determine the value of your company. If you’re considering selling your business or a product line, it’s important to know the value to prevent selling it for less than its worth. Business valuations are also a key component in estate or succession planning. Without knowing the fair market value of your business, there isn’t a way to ensure enough liquidity to pay taxes. At McCoy Foat, our Certified Valuation Analysts are qualified to appraise closely-held businesses, providing valuable information for your company’s transition


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